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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

FM Antenna

Britta Products FM Loop Antenna - High Quality Outdoor and RV FM Antenna
Britta Products FM Loop Antenna - High Quality Outdoor and RV FM Antenna


Britta Products FM-10A



Very high quality FM Loop antenna. Designed for installation at your home (outdoors or attic), office or on an RV.Heavy duty construction features very high quality tubing, stand-offs, integrated balun and attaching hardware.Easy to assemble in under 3 minutes.Provides great improvements in FM reception of analog and digital signals versus indoor dipole or whip antennas.No additional parts needed - attach your 75 ohm coax (instructions enclosed, including recommended grounding and safety details).Britta Products FM Loop Antenna - High Quality Outdoor and RV FM Antenna
Brand: Britta Products

Model: FM-10A
Color: aluminum
Type: Antenna
Item Dimensions: 22 × 22 × 5 inches, 1 pounds
Package Dimensions: 21.1 × 10.7 × 3.4 inches, 1.85 pounds
Britta Products FM Loop Antenna - High Quality Outdoor and RV FM Antenna
Britta Products FM Loop Antenna - High Quality Outdoor and RV FM Antenna
Britta Products FM Loop Antenna - High Quality Outdoor and RV FM Antenna
Britta Products FM Loop Antenna - High Quality Outdoor and RV FM Antenna

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tax Cuts Don't Lead to Economic Growth, a New 65-Year Study Finds!

This chart starts with the Ronald Reagan Presidency.

Since 1945 taxes have never been lower on high earners, then......
Screen Shot 2012-09-16 at 11.14.55 AM.png
Why are the rich complaining about already low taxes?

Monday, August 20, 2012

Solo Wi-Fi Receiver Wireless Radio & Media Streamer Model#: GDI-IRA500

Wireless Internet Radio Adapter and Media Streamer
The Solo Wi-Fi Receiver provides free Internet radio from every corner of the world to your home stereo. Listen to the hottest online music services like Pandora, SiriusXM, WiFi 92 FM, and Live365 VIP or your digital music collection. Bring your home stereo into the digital age with the Solo Wi-Fi Receiver.
The Grace Solo Internet radio has a built in 802.11n wireless connection which connects to any 802.11b.g.n router in less than 5 minutes. Play music directly from the Internet or stream your iTunes or Windows Media files from your PC or Mac directly on your home stereo. While setup is effortless, the Grace Radio supports advanced features such as WEP and WPA1/2 passwords, standard or hidden SSID's, DHCP, mac address filtering, or static IP addresses.
Over 18,000 FREE Stations
The Solo Internet radio's compact and stylish design make it a nice fit for any home stereo. Please note that the Solo does not have a built in speaker. It is an Internet radio receiver intended to connect the world of the Internet to your stereo system. As with the entire family of Grace Digital Internet radios and Wi-Fi music players, the Solo supports the leading streaming music services--Pandora, SiriusXM, Live365 VIP, WiFi 92 FM, and more. Connect the Solo to your existing home stereo and enjoy the world of the Internet at your fingertips.

Connects to FM transmitters below with this patch cable:

Belkin Audio Y Cable Splitter 1-Mini Plug/2-RCA Plugs (6 Feet)
See larger image

Belkin Audio Y Cable Splitter 1-Mini Plug/2-RCA Plugs (6 Feet)

by Belkin

In Stock.
Ships from and sold by Technology Galaxy.
69 new from $0.01 3 used from $1.75

From satisfied user, R. A. Campbell.

"No problems with the new $80 Grace GDI-IRA500 Internet radio receiver. (Must hook up to external speaker source or amplifier AS EXPECTED). It took a great deal of time and user manual study but instructions were accurate and functioned as indicated. I was able to set up account with RECIVA to allow LIVE365 sync. I was able to find an preset stations < all relaxing classics > < a MUSIClassical Concert > < music for a small room > and < BEAUTIFUL instrumentals > all 128 kbps stations. Quality is as good as the speaker system attached and I'm very satisfied with the sound from my laptop speaker system attached to it. I recommend it to anyone with portable speaker system or high fi amp set up. Only (about) $80 from Amazon."

How to record, delay, and playback radio shows on demand for free using Grace Internet Radios!
You tube link below:

Amazon Link:

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Stereo FM Transmitters

Broadcast Stereo FM around your house, yard, patio, camp, cabin, park, lodge, apartment complex, block, farm, town, church, school, campus, parking lot, retirement community, hospital, resort, business, movie theater, drive in, big screen TV, concert, marina, airport, event, parade, even from your car, truck, boat or plane.
Start your own FM station.
Broadcast Stereo FM from any audio source, computer sound output, laptop, MP3 player, iPad, iPod, tape, CD player, stereo, PA system, internet streaming radio, etc.
Great for drive by Christmas music with your light show, hearing impaired, baby monitor, private TV listening, or as a sound system range extender!
Transmit different languages with separate transmitters on different channels!
Uses limited only by your imagination.
If you enjoy WiFi 92 FM, join the network! Just select this website to play audio and use your computer audio output connected to the line input of this transmitter or connect the line output of an internet radio such as the internet radio Sangean WFR-20 (see article below) to the line input of the transmitter.
Low power model for local use also available!
Silver, black, or grey.
Just left click on Amazon Links with pictures of the transmitters located in the right column for more information. >

Local restrictions may apply.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Monitoring headphones. What we use at WiFi92. Audio-Technica ATH-M40fs

These  Audio-Technica ATH-M40fs monitoring and DJ headphones are great. Comfortable, well built, full frequency response (5 to 28,000 Hz), low distortion, efficient, can handle much more power then most.
What we use for monitoring, DJ, remixing, remastering and casual listening here at WiFi 92.1 FM.
Click on image at right for more information.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Listen to internet radio without a computer. Sangean WFR-20 Atomic internet clock radio

Great sounding stereo from the wood cabinet, remote control and bass reflex speakers. Many internet radios do not have quality stereo speakers or amp. When he heard this internet radio one professional broadcaster bought THREE!
The Sangean WFR-20 Wi-Fi Internet Radio offers direct access to over 50,000 internet radio stations and 90,000 on-demand streams in 250 locations from 80 genres. This allows you to drill down your search quickly and conveniently from your radio. You can also use your favorite web browser and a computer to search for specific stations and upload those stations to your radios. The "MY Stations" folder allows quick and easy access to your most desired stations. Don't find your favorite internet station on the list? Just submit the station to the website and it will be researched and added to the list. Don't have a computer? Not a problem with the WFR-20. It still provides you access to the same internet radio stations and is designed to work as a completely independent stand alone unit anywhere in your home, office or dorm. All you need is a broadband internet connection and a wired or wireless router. Used in conjunction with your wired/wireless networked computer and Windows Media Player you have full access to your digital media library using the UPnP Server, or simply your Microsoft Shared File Folder function in MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC, Real Media, and AIFF formats.
For further information click on the Sangean WFR-20 link in the right column. -->

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tecsun PL398MP DSP Digital AM/FM/LW/SW/MP3 player Shortwave Radio

Great fully featured, sensitive, selective, multi-band stereo travel alarm radio with good stereo sound for it's size. Headphone output is full fidelity. Has a lot of features for a radio that fits into a large overcoat pocket. Displays time, temperature, relative signal strength in DBu and signal to noise ratio. Very sensitive on all bands. Good selectivity. Runs a long time on 3 AA alkaline or rechargeable batteries. A winner!
For more details click on the link below the picture or in the right hand column.